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Thank you to Jon and Kathy at J&K Creative for the fabulous job they did at my photo shoot today. I do not like pictures and they did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable and making me look professional! I will definitely recommend their work to others.


"Kelli is my daughter.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Good Job!"


What an experience! 

"Jon and Kathy make you feel so welcome and comfortable when they are photographing you. Not everyone likes their pictures taken but they manage to put some fun into it and even make you look great! It did not even hurt! LOL. I appreciate the time they take to get to know who we are as individuals to make this experience one that I would continue to come back for and I TOTALLY recommend them for any photography needs you may have! They are easy to work with!"

Tammy G

An experience to remember

"A photo shoot with Jon and Kathy is more than saying "puppy" to a camera. Jon is totally dedicated to a one-on-one sitting and makes you feel relaxed. "Creative" is right on with results that are amazing!"

Jeanne J

Have to agree 

with Jeannie that the J&K Creative photo shoot yesterday was a complete blast and fun time. The new profile pics will be showing up soon. Everyone should experience a photo shoot, so don't miss out on an opportunity to do something for yourself. Jon would love to do a sitting for you - give him a shout! A big thank you to the Wright family.

Lori H

Just finished my photo shoot 

for facebook day with J&K Creative! Had such a blast and lots of fun! So many pictures to choose from! For everyone who didn't go, you really missed out!!

Lindsey S



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