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Meet our rubber duck tribute to America's Dairyland,
With the help of our friends at Celebriducks  J&K Creative! has designed and produced our first in a series of State rubber ducks.  "Cheese Quacker might just be the perfect Wisconsin gift choice!
This rubber duck  is a true "collector" item and is available in a very limited  edition. Each is individually numbered.
You can place your  "Cheese Quacker" order 
via the shopping cart below .  We also accept phone and email orders. 
952-473-0201 or
Expect delivery in approximately 4-5 days.
$11.99 plus S&H
For orders of more than
6 call for shipping cost.

Reserve Your "Cheese Quacker" tm today.  Retail price, including waterproof quacker and Celebriducks "Hollywood Style"  collector box is $11.95 plus S&H.

"Celebriducks" are the number one collector rubber ducks in the world.  They continuously  receive a tremendous amount of national publicity. 

 They have been seen or mentioned on NBC, FOX, CBS Evening Magazine (three times), CNN, ESPN, TNT, VH1, and most other television networks, along with Sports Illustrated, U.S. News & World Report, ESPN The Magazine, N.Y. Times, USA Today, LA Times, Maxim, S.F. Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times, Playboy, Fortune Small Business, etc.  They  have been on The Tonight Show twice.

One of many celebrity duck choices  available at  Celebriducks
San Francisco Bay   
February,  2006
Red Rock Canyon, NV
April 12, 2006
The Lee's at The National Portrait Gallery 
 Washington, DC - July 1, 2006
Mount Rushmore, September
14, 2006

Whenever someone stops by to visit and for one reason or another finds their way to our bathroom they predictably comment on the abundance of rubber ducks in and around the bathtub.   Our little yellow and orange figures did not migrate to tub side on their own.  We have gathered them up to form an impromptu flock that greets all bathers.  Often, I have been asked why we collect rubber ducks.  The answer is really quite simple.  Rubber ducks are attitude adjusters of the highest magnitude.  Within these little rubber bodies lies the power to soften up the toughest grouch,  grump or otherwise  bummed out individual.  The world would undoubtedly be a better place if each and every one of us had a rubber duck  in our life.  

When everything seems to be going badly just take a moment to remember what it felt like to be a child again and in that moment make yourself a promise not to take life too seriously.  

Jon Wright


"What the world needs now is ducks, small ducks... That's the only thing that there's just too little of........."
World Duck in the Virgin Islands
Picasso once said that he spent his whole life learning to paint like a child.  Indeed there is a certain magic about youthful vision that our older eyes often fail to see.  Pure joy in the simplest of scenes or events need not elude us.  
In May of 2003 World Duck visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. This photo was taken just outside the museum


In March, 2001 World Duck visited Brugge, Belgium

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Rubber Duck sightings, including Las Vegas, Alexandria Virginia, Chisholm Minnesota, Paris, Amsterdam and Delft in Holland.  Many more rubber duck photos will be featured in my new book, "Rubber Duck Inspiration".

Duck makes a brief stop at the Renaissance Festival
grounds during a wedding reception, June 4, 2005

See more photos by Jon Wright

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