Jon & Kathy Wright
Jan. 22, 2009- It looks like we are back in the "sports biz" again!  Starting this month we are covering Wayzata High School sports for Wayzata.Com.  We look forward to working with Matt Thomas (formerly of the Lakeshore Weekly News) and Dan Gustafson.

   Wayzata vs. Buffalo girls BB

Dec. 25, 2008- Here it is, Christmas morning.  After a day with relatives yesterday Kathy and I are "just chilling", which isn't hard to do since it's about 5 degrees.  At least that is 5 degrees ABOVE zero.  I know because the outside thermometer finally unfroze and works again.  We are simply thankful this year to have each other and to have all our wonderful relatives, friends and clients.  Thank you all for being there for us.  Merry Christmas!
Oct.1, 2008- Wow, it's been a while since I remembered to update this page...  Anyway, the RNC party we photographed went very well and everyone seemed to have a great time!  Today we are driving down to Cedar Falls, IA to visit with our lab, ACI.  We are looking forward to this short day trip.
August 26, 2008- Well, there's a big train acomin' this next week.  We are working a huge party to be held in conjunction with the Republican National Convention Monday.  We have our crew and most of the details well in hand.  I'll keep you posted on the results.
July 25, 2008- This week has been kind of unique.  We had a variety of projects and my birthday  (21st) of the month, not my age!  We photographed a team at Merrill Lynch for Resources magazine, Lake Minnetonka magazine and Barron's.  Here is a sample.

July 14, 2008- TCPPA was held in Stillwater today.  A three-part program featuring a "walkabout", a stock and travel program and a boat ride on the river.  Tina joined Kathy and I for the day'-long activity.
  Breanna poses for a group of photographers
July 13, 2008- Today we are excited to add a blog to the J&K Creative! website.  From time to time we will be adding special photos and stories from our various new projects and insights gained from interesting experiences.  Our recent trip to Europe reminded us that we should get busy and start this new aspect to our website.  Until the next entry here is some general background about J&K Creative!
Wedding and portrait photography is the focus of  Wayzata, Minnesota photographers, Jon and Kathy Wright.  Their images are displayed throughout the United States.  
Jon spent his early years on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota. His artwork has deep roots in the wilderness beauty he experienced as a child. He began to photograph the world around him at the age of 8. Over the years his love for image creation has continuously grown as a strong desire to express himself through a variety of visual means has led to a lifelong career in photography and painting.

Kathy has many years of experience as an executive assistant and handles all of the details that make  J&K Creative!  a viable business in an ever-changing industry.  

Jon  graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and majored in Photographic Design. Participation in the Junior Year Abroad Program in Amsterdam was a highlight of his educational experience

Jon and Kathy are  members of a number of professional organizations, including 

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International)
PPA (Professional Photographer's  of America) , 
TCPPA (Twin Cities Professional Photographer's Assoc.)
 NAPP (Natl. Assoc. Of Photoshop Professionals) 
BNI Minnesota (president - Westonka Chapter)


Jon may be contacted at:
J&K Creative!
P.O. Box 955, 
Wayzata, MN, 55391
All Artwork featured in this presentation are copyright 2008 by 
Jon Wright and J&K Creative! 
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